At the Bromsgrove private clinic, we extend our services from mri scan to X-Ray services that are available in the most comfortable environment, at a price that suits your budget. Our X-RAY unit is ready to receive patients that are in need of high-quality services, with great care.

At our X-RAY unit we are ready to accommodate patients who need elective X-ray services and that want to avoid the crowds in hospitals. Our X-RAY unit can be accessed by patients that are in the following categories: insured, self-payers and Solicitor referred cases.

Unfortunately, we are unable to receive patients in special cases such as accidents or emergencies because we do not have a casualty department at our private clinic. Also, it is requires you provide us a referral from your specialist or referring personnel. If your General Practitioner is able to provide you with a letter, then you can benefit from our X-RAY services in the comfort of the clinic environment where we have modern space and friendly staff with great expertise. Of course, you will benefit from the X-RAY unit at a cost that is accessible and answers to both your needs and your budget.

Even more, if requested the X-RAY CD will be handed over to you and a report will be sent to the referring clinician in order to make sure your results are safe and don’t get lost. In some circumstances this may take a few days but we try and get the results sent to the referring party within days. It is absolutely essential that you provide with a fax number of your referring doctor/physiotherapist/chiropractor or other health professional identified on their own letter headed paper. This needs to be available at the time of scanning so when the report is received, we can send it onwards as soon as possible.

If you need X-RAY services, don’t put up with the tiring queues at hospitals, instead come to our private clinic and receive a high-quality and comfortable service, at an affordable cost. When you get home you will be thankful that you called upon our top services.