Debridement & Synovectomy

The lining of the knee joint is called the “synovium”, and often becomes inflamed as a response to injury or damage, In this situation, the joint can be very swollen, warm and tender. Chronic inflammation leads to thickening of the synovium, with possible entrapment between the joint surfaces. If this situation continues untreated, it eventually causes softening of the articular cartilage and progressive arthritic changes.

At arthroscopy, it may be necessary to trim or remove the thickened synovium and any loose debris found within the joint. Post-operatively there is likely to be some swelling and tenderness until the inflammation settles down, – you could be given anti-inflammatory tablets to aid this. The physiotherapist will advise you regarding the use of sticks or crutches, as appropriate, and will progress your exercises as and when necessary.