Preparation for an MRI scan is not labour intensive at all. You do not need to fast or take medications before the scan. We advise you to read the paperwork you have received from us in preparation. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scan time as we will need you to fill-up a questionnaire which assesses your suitability for the scan. Please let us know if you have any loose metal objects inside your body including a pacemaker, pacing wires, etc. You will need to change into our provided gown to make sure that you do not carry any metallic objects with you in the scanning room. Finally, and for your safety, the radiographer on the day may decline to perform the scan if she felt that the procedure was unsafe for clinical reasons.

This is a simple procedure to understand the scanning process and understand what investigation you are having done.

There are very few risks involved with an MRI scan which makes this test very adequate and patient friendly investigation. Our open scanner rules out the issue about claustrophobia and anxiety which is a problem for some patients.

You will have a briefing given by the experienced radiographers before the scan. You will be lying back (or standing, if your consultant has recommended) while the scan is carried out. The procedure usually takes between 30-50 minutes based upon the complexity of the scan and the area of the body to be examined. Once the scan is complete, a CD will be passed over to you which will remain your property. Your referring practitioner will receive a Consultant Radiologists report in due course.