Benefits and Risks of MRI Scans

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MRI or Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan is a beneficial and simple test which is used in modern medicine. This test is usually recommended if your specialist is wanting to see an abnormality. This could be in your back, knee or other painful body part.The benefits of MRI Scan outweights the risks associated with it.

Benefits of MRI Scan

  1. Harmless test: MRI scans dont have any damaging radiations.
  2. Clear anatomy defined: MRI Scans define clear anatomy of the body and details of the painful body parts. This helps your treating doctors to understand the problem which helps them treat yourselves.
  3. Availability: MRI Scan is available in most of the Hospitals making the use of this test quite liberal.
  4. Functional scans: Functional details are possible with Modern MRI scans. The Benefits of MRI Scan at the Bromsgrove Private Clinic means that the population can take advantage of this facility.
  5. Standing Scans: Benefits of MRI Scan at the Bromsgrove Private Clinic will make it possible for you to take advantage of the facility. This is particularly important if you are suffering with back pain, knee pain, foot and ankle issues.
    1. Standing scans are a recent medical advance in MRI scan
    2. Standing scans possibly improves the detail of abnormalities in the back/knee or foot and ankle.
    3. You need to have a specific referral from your referring specialist for this test
  6. Open Scans: Lying in the tunnel type old fashioned scanners can make the task daunting for some patients.The scanner at the Bromsgrove Private Clinic, not only does routine scans but as there is no tunnel for patients to lie in, the experience is fairly comfortable.Risks of MRI Scan
    1. Expensive test: The scans can be fairly expensive but the costs are coming down.
    2. Pacemakers: MRI scan will not be performed if you have a pacemaker inserted.
    3. Metallic Implants: MRI Scan may be denied if you have aneurysm clips, loose metallic objects in your body, cardiac stents etc. Please discuss with the clinic before you travel for your scans if you think you may have any of the above.